Well Here it Goes…. My Audiology life

My Audiology life has been very good to me so I decided I’m going to blog about it!  I thought my first blog post would only be appropriate the beginning of October as it is Audiology Awareness Month!  Audiology–what is that you ask?  Audiology according to the dictionary is a branch of science dealing with hearing, but it is so much more than that and that’s why I love it! To me Audiology is learning about people’s lives, enriching and strengthening their quality of life by allowing them to stay active in their hobbies and hear their loved ones again.  I get to be the “nice patient caring” doctor who really gets to know the person throughout their life.  I get to see parents go through hard times but also get to celebrate with grandparents their grandchildren’s milestones.  Yes I get to do this all at a small private practice where we diagnose and non-medically treat hearing loss.  I help provide patients with a means of hearing better through hearing aids.  I also do some other random things that I will touch on later!  I’m hoping my passion, creativity, experience, inspiration, and teaching moments will show through on this blog.

I’ve heard them all

I’ve heard them all “Hey!” “What?” “Can you hear me know?” Yes those jokes have been used and my audiology colleagues can agree we have heard them plenty of times.  This blog with enlighten, make you laugh, and possibly make you shed a tear, which is what happens at my job everyday!

Questions about audiology?

Do you have a question about Audiology?  Are you just excited to learn about a new profession?  Are you curious what an Audiologist is and what exactly I do?  You can always send you questions or comments my way and I will happily address them.  I’m hoping you will learn what a great profession it is but one that is often hidden, lots of myths, and not many people know about.

Get ready for laughs, inspiration, a chance to learn, relate as you come along with me in my journey throughout my career as an audiologist!

About Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson Au.D.

Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson Au.D. is the owner of Chicago Hearing Services and a Doctor of Audiology dedicated to empowering her patients and the public with greater knowledge and education around hearing health.