Misinterpretation is never a good thing – Support for hearing aids

While sitting at my desk on a cold January day, I needed something to make me chuckle and lighten the rather gray and sullen mood.  I was going through some old emails and stumbled upon this!  It is a great joke that is just too good to pass up and not to share!
audiology humor


This joke may be actually hit home for you or someone you know.  I have many patients that speak about how they mishear what they heard during a conversation which can lead to devastation, withdrawal, anger, and isolation.  These handicaps can further lead to a decreased quality of life for someone with a hearing loss.

My role as an audiologist is pivotal in both helping the patient overcome the hearing loss by receiving hearing aids but also by being a support system and providing my patient support to help them minimize the effects of the hearing loss.  Listening to the patient’s issues, letting them express their frustrations, lending support, and just being present in the moment can help the patient, family members, and parents work toward acceptance of the hearing loss.  By being present in the moment, I am able to fully help my patient with their issues they are having and help turn their negative issues into happy memories!

We all need some humor once in awhile so laugh, be present in the moment, and I’m sure others around you will too!

About Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson Au.D.

Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson Au.D. is the owner of Chicago Hearing Services and a Doctor of Audiology dedicated to empowering her patients and the public with greater knowledge and education around hearing health.